Ubatuba Green

Brex is the exclusive channel of Lindemberg's quarry. Lindemberg is the oldest and most reputable Ubatuba Green producer. This material is very well known by the stability of color and structure.

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Imperial Brown


A very classic material from the northern provinces of Brazil and highly reputable among architects of several countries.

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Gold Brazil

Beautiful yellow material that was being exported regularly to Italy in the past years with the name of Primula Gold. The quarry started again in 2011 with new production method and quality control. Blocks are now available at a very competitive prices.

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Get to know our company

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Brex do Brasil  
Brazilian Exporter of Granite Blocks always with honorable principles and actions. Operating for more than 15 years in the most demanding markets (Europe, North America and Asia). Reliability in quality and measurements. Competitive prices and payment conditions.
A block list for your chosen material and size category will be forwarded to you for selection and approval prior to shipment. A Block Inspection Report (with complete analysis and photos of each block) will be sent to you before the shipping date.

Each dimension to be measured along the shortest side. A minimum allowance of 5 cm in Length, Height and Width are granted over the net invoice sizes. All blocks are well squared and shaped.
Each individual block must be consistent in color and grain with no visible defects from the outside such as cracks, veins, spots, etc. All blocks forming part of one shipment should be cross-checked so there is no color variation among blocks.

Due to the strict selection process and our commitment to offering our clients quality products and services, we can confidently guarantee the quality of all materials.
Payment is to be made by an Irrevocable Letter of Credit.  Upon receipt of your approved block selection we will provide your company with an L/C Proforma Invoice to assist in the issuance of your Letter of Credit.  Your Letter of Credit should be received by Brex at least 15 days prior to shipment. 60 or 90 days payment terms can be acceptable by Brex subject to our analysis of the L/C issuing bank. Interest rates are based on Libor + 1%.